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Social Anxiety

Welcome to my art site, and my story!
From an early age I was drawing at every opportunity, even when I should have be doing school work! I began painting about grade 8, and did a number of pieces that seemed to impress my art teacher.


At 15 however, I picked up a guitar, and the trajectory of my life was set, music always came naturally to me, and in the years to come I dedicated myself not only to playing and song writing, but to digital art, as I did all the promotional material for every band I was in. 

I also began doing graphic work for other local artists (posters, logos, etc). Eventually I got into doing video editing and vfx as well, and spent several years learning the craft to the point where I did music videos not only for my own projects, but again for other local artists.


Fast forward to August on 2021, I decided to try my hand at painting again, and rediscovered my love for it! I got into the NFT space, digitizing my physical works as NFTs, and have been painting constantly ever since. I work mainly with acrylics on canvas/mixed media paper, and have amassed quite a portfolio in just over a year's time! 


My main artistic influences are mostly short films and animations from various European artists/directors such as Jan Lenica, Mirosław Kijowicz, Juliana Antonisza, and more modern artists/filmmakers such as Dave Mckean and Guillermo Del Toro. 


I've always loved weird/abstract/avant-garde imagery, and that has been the main focus of my work. Images that catch the eye, wrack the brain, yet have a theme or make a statement.


I continue to create and evolve, always pushing the envelope and developing my craft. I hope my work will resonate with you, and I would love to get your thoughts and opinions on my work!
Thank you so much for reading, and welcome to my World!

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